kate anchordoguy at work

Any garden is only as beautiful as it is functional.

A skillfully crafted infrastructure - drainage, irrigation, and soil preparation - is crucial to the success of your landscape vision. These invisible foundations account for about 70% of all the work that goes into a project. With more than 27 combined years in the field, there aren't too many problems we haven't studied, seen, and solved.

Anchordoguy Landscaping is passionate about following sustainable landscaping principles.

Our site specific schemes work with the natural features, existing vegetation and specific microclimates unique to each location. We minimize the import and export of materials into and off of each job. We use recycled materials and locally grown plants whenever possible. We do our utmost to minimize run-off and soil erosion. And every job is mulched a minimum of 3" thick with recycled organic material.

Our most valuable asset is our reputation. We listen to our clients and respect their wishes. We stand behind our work and follow up on callbacks promptly. We want our clients to be not just satisfied, but delighted.